Social Skills Groups

Many children, young adults and adults with autism or social skill deficits need help in learning how to make friends, maintain a conversation and what to do in social situations.  Even when they have desires to interact with others, they may be overwhelmed by social situations and may not know how to engage friends. 

Building up social skills by having opportunities to practice with peers can also help develop confidence, success and motivation towards interacting with other peers.  We will teach abstract social concepts through break down and usage of different tools to help turn these concepts into concrete actions. These Social Skills Groups help children and young adults increase social interaction, sharing, turn taking, developing play and social skills which are age appropriate.  These small groups are the first step to the bigger community!

Some sample social skills targeted in these groups:

  • Making and maintaining eye contact
  • Initiate and return greetings
  • Initiating interaction and conversations
  • Turn taking
  • Sharing  
  • Joining in peers activities
  • Perspective Taking Skills
  • Self-Management Skills
  • Remaining calm when lost a game, unexpected events arise or when things do not go their way
  • Accept flexibilities

Siblings and friends are welcome to participate in these sessions.  Peers will be taught ways to improve their play and social interactions with children with disabilities.