Little Woods – 小樹林

小樹林 – 學前預備小組, 專為(二至六歲)有需要的學童而設,一個以兒童為本的學習環境。


– 與其他人共享、輪流作主、與朋輩耍玩

– 主動投入課堂、跟從課堂指令

– 調解情緒及行為


1. 小班形式 課室教學

2. 認證行為分析師-課程主任設計小組-個人目標

3. 學習進度一目了然

4. 建立溝通 合作無間

Little Woods is a group dedicated to learners (Aged 2-6) who are looking for an accessible learning environment.

The group's curriculum is designed for learners who needs intensive training in:

      • sharing with others, turn-taking, playing with friends
      • require specific teaching to follow classroom routines and to be an active learner
      • need guidance in managing their emotions and behavior

Program Features:

      • Practicing classroom routines and learning in small group
      • Individual targets designed by BCBA – Clinical Supervisor
      • Trackable achievements
      • Communication with Parents